Rhymes, songs, clapping, skipping and circle games

There is a wealth of language to be learned from these phrases and vocabulary as well as the sounds and rhythm of Irish. Every class can work on this target at a level which is suitable for themselves. This could be linked to School Assembly or Games or Buddy system where a senior class would help the younger students. Examples, lyrics and support material can be found here.


School Assembly

If an assembly is run at school, it provides a great opportunity to use and practice Irish outside of the classroom. The assembly does not need to be run entirely through Irish but it is important that it has a central role. For example:

  • Opening and conclusion through Irish
  • Senior classes may assist junior classes with songs, rhymes, poems etc.
  • References to celebrations/games/congratulations/praise etc.

Examples and support material can be found here.


Buddy system

Pupils from senior classes working with pupils from junior classes through the medium of Irish –See Assembly and Story session, Playground games, circular games with rhymes etc. This is a lovely way to establish positive relationships between the different classes and for the senior pupils to revise vocabulary they haven’t used for long periods of time.

Examples and support material can be found here.


Amhrán na bhFiann

Chorus taught up to 3rd class perhaps, with a verse also taught in more senior classes

From 4th class on this needs to be developed by adding instrumental music


Completing a project on the topic.

Examples and support material can be found here.


Classroom management

-through the medium of Irish, avoiding use of orders as much as possible.

This will involve a variety of rituals – asking questions based on daily rituals, such as ‘Can I take out my lunch? What page are we on? Can I get a drink? What time is it? as well as class beginnings and endings.

This provides a regular opportunity to give the pupils the language they need.

Examples and support material can be found here.


Regular Story telling sessions

Using a suitable storybook, having a story prepared in advance, a story on CD; or a story online

This could be linked with the Buddy System 

N.B. It is important that:

(a) Irish language books are used in DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read) at least once a month

(b) Irish language books and stories with CDs be included for events such as the MS Readathon, Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish language week), World Book Day

For examples of books and support material click here


Irish Language games/reading games

This is a fun and natural way to teach and practice certain structures. Games provide an opportunity for the pupils to speak using new phrases and vocab in context. They involve rituals and particular formulae. Use can be made of games you already have available at school or new ones can be created – Bingo, Snakes and Ladders, 20 questions, Headbandz etc.

Examples and support material can be found here


Irish and other curricular subjects

Extra opportunities to use Irish can be created throughout the school day through using the language with other subjects. It is not necessary for the entire class to be run through Irish but it is possible to have conversations and praise the children as they work. For example, during an art class, the colours can be discussed, the children can be asked to describe the picture they are drawing and the children can be praised. The teachers are free to choose whichever subject they prefer to ensure they are comfortable.

Examples and support material can be found here



Stickers will be presented to pupils when they are heard using Irish. They can be collected on cards or you can create your own system to award them. Presenting a sticker should involve certain formulae and conversation. This is an effective way to encourage the pupils to use more informal Irish outside of the class.

Examples and support material can be found here


Pupils greeting/welcoming – ‘Foireann Fháilte’

This target provides a role for students who are not on the committee. A rota can be put in place to ensure that everyone who interested gets a chance to take part. The pupils should wear a t-shirt, hat, sash or hi vis to ensure they stand out. This/these item(s) can be stored in the Secretary’s office and a conversation/ritual can be established for when they are being collected in the morning. The ‘Foireann fháilte’ stand at the school gate/door to welcome the other pupils and to say a few words about the weather etc. to the parents. The pupils can carry out the same job at special events at school such as concerts, open nights etc.

Examples and support material can be found here


Irish outside of school

This target related to creating a link with another school/club/community group. You may choose from the various examples mentioned below or come up with your own ideas. It is necessary to have at least two or three events during the school year.

  1. Competition through Irish (or partly through Irish)
  2. Quizzes through Irish
  3. A visit to/contact with another school/other schools on Skype/Irish blog/Penpals

Further information, examples and support material available here



This target provides great opportunities for using Irish learned in class in a practical fun way. Sketches, concerts, dressing up, career day, puppet show, coffee morning and much more could be used as part of this target. There is a very broad scope in relation to this target and great opportunity to get the pupils talking. Elements of this target should be accomplished at least once a term.

Examples and support materials can be found here


Video presentation on a chosen theme

Various school classes will work on a given theme to be presented on the blog – schools can choose from the following list:

  • A video telling the Christmas story or another seasonal story using drama, singing, music and dance
  • A video telling a historical story/ the story of the school or a seasonal theme
  • A video directed by the pupils themselves presenting a pop song in Irish being sung by the pupils of the school.

Of course, the most important thing about this target is the natural use of Irish by the pupils while preparing for and working on the target.

Further information and support material available here



(at least once per term/three times per year)

Make use of questions made up by teachers/pupils and teachers

Or you could make use of material chosen from the following sources. ; Tomhais sa Tacábhar ; Quiz ar ‘PowerpointCúpla míle ceist – Glór na nGael; Ceist agam ort – Cois Life; Réalta Ranga – gaelchultú; Quizlet


Karoke through Irish

(at least once per term/three times during the year)

This is a fun target where the children can learn and practice new songs. It is recommended that a mix of traditional and modern songs be attempted. It is important that the lyrics can be seen by all the pupils and that they are accurate. There is a wealth of language in this material including phrases and vocabulary as well as the sounds and rhythm of Irish.

Support material available here